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The thing I lack and miss in today’s main-stream music scene is the notion of atmosphere, some all-embracing moderated fabric of sounds, some ambient feeling that stands as a background to all the other – also enormously important – parts (if there is such thing as a ‘part’ in music).

In today’s popular (not pop but popular) music – which I understand way too little about – it seems that this act of taking your listener for a stroll to somewhere important  for the author has given its way to assertions.

It’s not a bad thing (no, really, it’s not), I just feel that in doing so it would be quite a good thing to understand what this transformation demands in return and, if the losses are important, maybe find some ways to deal with them.

As an illustration I give you a piece of energy from 1941
The Ink Spots – I Don’t Want To Set the World On Fire

(one more thing from a different topic – just appreciate how the lyrics are treated, how much technical respect is put into their rendering)


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