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Finding links and common cords between life and expression forms is not an easy job. However, keeping this aim in mind it doesn’t take long to find loose ends. This time – in music. Such amazingly universal and abstract patterns lie there… Contrarily to architecture, which is for better or for worse tied to the physical world (at least how I see it now, this might not be the truth), music is a total immateriality. One might question the fact, that it depends on sound waves and thus still links to our material world, and so we should, but at least for now music remains one of the most abstract expression forms. And of course, when you are so physically unfit you have to somehow cope with that and not going into decorations too much have one’s roots in the very fundamental structures – so that even without the “mass” you could still be “seen” and understood.

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So, an example from life. Love.
There are different forms of expressing love (or should I say, sharing love) (I know this will be very stereotypic and generalized but still, just to get the point across): romantic love – with walk on the beach at sunset and starry nights with falling stars, passionate love – with dizzying kisses, steamy nights…and days, philosophical love – with long talks in complete darkness, staying awake all night… Now, when we turn to music it also has very rich range of “forms” or moods: stages of deep thoughtfulness, bits of wild excitement, silences, just to name a few. And how are these bits and pieces put into a music score? – They are composed, harmonically arranged. Let’s be generalistic again: everything starts peacefully with introduction, then rises slowly, reaches its climax/culmination and then starts going down, slowly reaches the end where we look back, remember what’s happened and finish.

Now imagine if we would transfer this to life. Make an introduction, arrange culmination(s), reprises. The essence of music is flow, progress, life also flows. Music is composed with notes – points in time and pitch, life is (not?) composed out of experiences – points in time and space. Maybe it would be possible to create a harmonious and quite interesting experience, composition of life?

Let’s name the loved one Josh. Create introduction, main act, end, think of culmination (some grand weekend trip to paradise), or even few of them – compose their relationship and timing. You would not want to listen to music that has just three notes over an hour long period, make it more interesting – call Josh, talk with him, call night out, give him flowers, paint a painting – harmonize the intensity, choose when what to do to make it more exciting. Change the tempo, when approaching culmination – your trip – slowly increase the tension, send him letters every day counting down days, introduce delay, resolution, loose all contact before bigger culminations, make him want and anticipate and then give full energy. Just like in jazz – improvise; make it fun and well composed. After the main culmination – don’t drop everything but slowly start to weaken the intensity, just like in symphony – before the end remember the main experiences, just on a smaller scale. And when it comes to ending – don’t forget to put in a cadence – don’t just drop everything, finish on the right chord – call a romantic dinner somewhere, look through photos of your experience, sing songs that you sung, remember people that you met, call a toast to this great experience. (Of course, nobody forbids to have another composition already started when this one is still not finished).

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This is very generalized but still the idea is there. And when you think of millions of different rhythms and keys you can apply to your composition of life it is just mind-blowing. So what do you think, would this “composed” life work? Maybe this is what we are missing in today’s hectic world?