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(Flickr CC)

Does architecture liquidate time? It definitely reflexes time: one glance at a medieval castle and you can see those ideas, feel that time pulsating from it.
Architecture is a frozen music and music is a servant to time, thus architecture – so can we say – really freezes time. Interesting point, isn’t it? Architecture – if that is the case – freezes the flowing? The process? Now that is a strong statement. Time is process, however is the process only time? Could there be process that is not interconnected with time?

But this process also depends on time. We are able to see the change commencing only then when we look at this sequence as an animation – frame after frame. If we look at it as a whole object – it is just one unchanging stagnant object, with no motion, with no process. Very architecture-like, isn’t it? – No time included.

It is quite strange. I have always said (ant not only I) that architecture has so much in common with music. And now it seems that architecture is a servant of stagnancy and music is the servant of time and process – the opposition of stagnancy.