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Isn’t it strange how everything relates to humans in our world? It sounds natural but it also seems as if we lose a bit of essence in all our activity limiting ourselves this way.

Here’s an example. Human eye is capable of seeing light that has a wavelength fitting between ~380 – 780 nm. A whole spectrum of colours fits in it. But is this universal? Of course not. Even here on Earth other kinds of species can see different light levels. It just so happens that the Sun (our main source of light – artificial illumination was engineered to mimic it) emits light that dramatically peaks at precisely this area of spectrum – over millions of years humans have evolved to be able to “read” precisely that part of spectrum that gives the most information.
So bearing this in mind, it becomes obvious that for somebody who has evolved in completely different environment (thus possessing different capabilities to interact with the environment – vision included) our Mona Lisa would not deliver any pleasure – or at least not like we see it.

Would it be wrong fallacious to say that The Essence (whatever that might be) lies underneath the form? And if the form is just an adjustment to what is most fitting for us, so by not attaching (and limiting ourselves) so much to it, learning to trans-form – change the form of our creations it maybe it would be possible to finally understand the core patterns lying beneath the surface?